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High Pressure Laminates

  • High Pressure Laminate doors are available in 90°, SquareLINE, 180° or Square Edge Slab
  • We also offer 2 high gloss collections. The Acrylic High Gloss is only available in the Square Edge Slab at this time.
  • A wide variety in edge treatments are available including the 3D Dolken edging.

Greenlam Coastline Collection

Greenlam Coastline Collection features a bold, durable embossed finish laminate, and is in stock. These eco-friendly laminates and engineered veneers come in a variety of solids, patterns, and wood grains. Industrial grade particle board cores (PBC) and "Green" No Added Urea Formaldehyde (NAUF) substrates from Boise Cascade, Collins, and Roseburg are used. Visual confirmation of color is recommended.

Greenlam Coastline mdf laminate cabinet door colours

Greenlam Master Collection

View Greenlam Master Collection colors

Habitat & Habitat Queue

Habitat and Habitat Queue mdf laminate cabinet door colours

High Gloss Collection

Stylelite Acrylics

Stylelite is a gloss acrylic laminate that rivals gloss paint surface. Coupled with Pentco's exclusive PUR technology you can achieve the ultimate glass-like surface. Stylelite Acrylic doors are only available in square slab profiles.

Stylelite high gloss mdf laminate cabinet door colours

Cherry Red, Carbon, White and Grey are always in stock. All other colors please allow an additional 2 weeks for production.

Habitat Queue Gloss

PUR Line

Habitat Queue High Gloss laminate doors use Pentco's exclusive PUR Line process which means there will be minimal telegraphing and a smooth finish. These can be ordered in any of the 4 profiles, 90°, 180°, SquareLINE, or Square Slab.

Habitat Queue high gloss mdf laminate cabinet door colours

Engineered Veneers

Engineered Veneer also known as Reconstituted Veneer is a man-made product using fiber from the poplar and obichi trees from sustainably managed forests. The beauty of the "New Age" or "Reconstituted Veneer" is it's outstanding color and grain consistency from sheet to sheet. Making it a popular choice with designers and architects where grain and color consistency is critical.

  • Veneers are available in 90° Sidewrap and Square Edge Slab
  • Matching standard edgebanding (.5mm)

Veneer Door Colors/Patterns

Veneer door colours

Real Wood Veneers

white oak

Real Wood Veneer Doors are available in any real wood species (some are special order). Stock species include Maple, Red Oak, White Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Alder and Mahogany, which are pressed onto a 3/4" MDF Board and can be post-formed into Euro-Curve (1/4" Radius), 90* (3/8" Radius) or Square.

They can be edged using a standard matching edgetape, 2mm or 3mm matching edgetape and can be finished the same way you would a wood door.


Red Oak
Red Oak

White Oak
White Oak